Annual Report 2022

KUB Malaysia Berhad


The visual for this year’s Annual Report represents the long-term growth that we aspire to achieve by building capabilities and expanding capacities across our business divisions. Just as the spiral expands, we will develop greater competitive advantages that enable our sustainable progress as an organisation. All the while, we will remain true to our corporate values, which are represented through icons positioned within the spiral.

Group Managing Director's Statement

Dear Valued Shareholder,

The past 12 months have witnessed global instability at a level that is unprecedented in recent times. Coming off the back of the COVId-19 pandemic and its resulting supply chain disruptions, the Russia-Ukraine conflict has further destabilised the global economy, leading to spikes in energy and raw material prices.

During this time of geopolitical and macroeconomic uncertainty, our business divisions have displayed commendable resilience, while at Group level we have steadfastly stayed the course on our long-term business transformation plan, executing on operational efficiency measures and investing in our core assets.

This Group-wide focus on building capabilities and enhancing competitiveness within our core business divisions is reflected in our report theme for Financial Year (‘FY’) FY2022: “Strengthening Competencies”. It describes the efforts we continue to make in building capabilities and expanding capacities across our business divisions. Furthermore, it recognises the need to develop greater competitive advantages to successfully compete in fast- evolving operating environments.

On that note, please take the time to read the analysis below to understand how the committed actions we have taken in FY2022 will enable us to weather challenges yet to come and build towards a future of consistent and sustainable growth.

– Ahmed Fairuz bin Abdul Aziz

Financial Highlights

5 year group financial highlights

Sustainability Statement

FY2022 was yet another unprecedented year for the nation, as Malaysia continued to battle against the COVId-19 pandemic before eventually entering the endemic phase.

During these challenging yet opportunity-rich times, the Group Sustainability Statement summarises our continued commitment to responsible business operations. It also outlines the sustainability initiatives we are spearheading to create long-term value for our customers, local communities and the planet.

Corporate Governance

The Board of KUB Malaysia Berhad (‘KUB’ or the ‘Company’) is committed to exercise good corporate governance practices by upholding and applying the Principles and Practices set out in the updated Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance 2021 (the ‘Code’), MMLR and other statutory requirements. The Board recognises that maintaining good governance is important for business and key to delivering shareholder value.

This statement is prepared in compliance with the MMLR and is to be read together with Corporate Governance Report 2022 which can be downloaded from KUBM’s website at or from Bursa Securities’s website.