Food Related

KUB Malaysia Berhad is capitalising on the steady demand from local consumers for fast food services.

Despite the downturn, government measures to boost local domestic demand should translate to resiliency in the fast food sector. On our part, A&W Malaysia is investing in branding and marketing campaigns and reinventing fresh new menus in anticipation of eventual recovery and to protect current market share.

In addition to cushion its existing food-related businesses, KUB Malaysia Berhad is offering an array of delectable and exquisite Malay cuisine at Hotel Singgahsana Petaling Jaya as well as comfort and convenience accommodations and other facilities such as conference, wedding and meeting halls.

A&W (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

Being the first established quick-service restaurant chains in Malaysia, A&W is a household name among Malaysians who enjoy its signature root beer and unique American diner-style menu featuring coney dogs and waffles as well as local favorites such as rice.

A&W Malaysia currently operates 29 outlets all over Malaysia, growing from its origins as the first fast food chain and the pioneer of the popular drive-in restaurant concept in Malaysia.

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